So You Want To Make your Own Website?

I hear you.

Why not ?   ( put me out of business why don’t you …lol )

But you better be prepared to roll your sleeves up and start learning.

No learning, No Practicing, will give you amateur results,

Now you don’t want to come across as anything other than a quality website.

do you ? …..thought so

I suggesst you buy one or two of the books below and get a few steps ahead

straight off the bat…

A word of advice save your money and ignore the books below that say you don’t need to learn how to code and invest in the ones that show you how to code,

because eventually sooner than you think to take your website or blog or your business

to the next level you will need to start understanding code even at a basic level.

It will save you time and money , make your website work quicker ( less plug ins )

look better, stop giving money to software companies only to find in a few months you have to spend another fifty quid for their new shiny updated version, the misery never stops, learn how to code !!!

dont procrastinate, roll up your sleeves, work , learn to code, i know the smart ones of you will heed my advice and the dumb ass’s will take the short cut and  just waste their money and time.

I’ve gone in a bit hard on this one because i don’t want you to suffer like i did……so

with much love…….

good luck, best wishes, and if you get stuck …..i am here for you




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